You will participate in three weekends of studies in Warsaw, a summer song-writing camp and weekly online sessions on Thursdays, 20:00 – 21:30.
We will walk all six paths of growth and we will finish our journey with creating new hymns and songs of worship which we will record and share with the Polish church.

Autumn session (Warsaw)
2022 November 11-13

Winter session (Warsaw)
2023 March 3-5

Spring session (Warsaw)
2023 April 21-23

Summer session (Camp in Głusza)
2023 June 28 – July 2

Weekend sessions – (Friday 7PM – Sunday 2PM)
Online sessions – Thursdays 8PM – 9:30PM (no sessions during holidays and weeks with weekend sessions)

Summer camp – a five-day camp in a charming spot by the lake in the Eastern part of the Western Pomorian.
The camp aims to offer fewer lectures and more opportunities to create songs. The purpose is to finalise the songs.
Start: shared dinner, Wednesday (28.06.2023)
Finish: shared dinner, Sunday (02.07.2023)

New Psalm Studies is a Christ-centered meeting point where we can inspire each other, grow, transform and create together for God’s glory!