Before I started to write my first songs, I had a dream.
At the age of thirteen I had a dream to write songs which had never been written before. I wanted to combine song lyrics with music to share my experience of God. I had a dream to place God in the centre of our attention through worship music as this, I felt, had never been the case throughout the history of our nation.

But before I even started dreaming, I had a most unexpected encounter. In Autumn 1990 I attended a school camp combined with a religious retreat. There I attended obligatory choir rehearsals. Bored to death and reluctant, I would obediently take my spot in the choir line and sing old Christian hymns. During one rehearsal, in the middle of a song, I suddenly felt tears flowing down my cheeks. I started to hear and understand what I was singing. The Holy Spirit used as his tool an old worship song which held hundreds of years of worship and awe of God and His glory. This is how He met me! Several hours later, I came to Christ, seeing Him as my Saviour. This is when I started to dream about new songs.

Many years have passed since that key moment. I have written many songs. I have met people on my path who inspired me and helped me grow, who supported me, encouraged me and never let me give up. My teenage dreams gave the beginning to a much stronger vision, reaching far beyond my own world. Today I know that I will never write all the songs that can only be written by other worshippers. Today I know our God is awaiting new songs of worship, for Polish people and other nations. This is why we need the New Psalm Studies – a Christ-centered meeting point where we can inspire each other, grow, transform and create together for His glory!

I am inviting you to embark on this journey with us, and I cannot wait to see you here! We are launching the studies on November 11, 2022!

Mateusz Mate.O Otremba
New Psalm Studies Director