New Psalm Studies

A journey of Polish worship songwriters


I had a dream…

Before I started to write my first songs, I had a dream.
At the age of thirteen I had a dream to write songs which had never been written before. I wanted to combine song lyrics with music to share my experience of God. I had a dream to place God in the centre of our attention through worship music as this, I felt, had never been the case throughout the history of our nation.


Over the centuries, new songs to the Lord have been heard, in every nation and every generation. Songs created and sung by those saved from death and returned to life who meet God and experience His blessings.

Sing to the Lord a new song;
sing to the Lord, all the earth.
Sing to the Lord, praise his name;
proclaim his salvation day after day.
Declare his glory among the nations,
his marvelous deeds among all peoples.

Psalm 96:1-3

Worshipping God is our response to who He is.

“Among other nations let it always be known that the Poles are not like geese and have a tongue of their own!”

In his words, Mikołaj Rej points out that it is high time for Polish people to use their own language, and not Latin in literary texts. It was fashionable among his contemporaries to write in Latin. Encouraging people to use their mother tongue was not only a cultural declaration of independence, but also a statement about national heritage. As Latin was associated with foreign religious influences, native language should take over as a medium of personal reflection and expression.

The Lord deserves new songs to be written to praise His glory, in every nation, culture, church tradition and generation.

I am convinced God is waiting for new hymns written by Polish people who experience His blessing and Holy Spirit’s presence. Those people are to create songs which have not been written in our nation yet.
While we are grateful to the Lord for an abundance of hymns written over the long history of our Church as well as numerous contemporary songs adapted from other languages, we believe it is high time to respond to God’s call for new Polish worship songs.

Why Polish? Because Polish people experience the Lord, His salvation, grace and power in a unique way every single day. The time has come to start sharing this experience in new songs. God is worthy of our worship.


If you wish to share your admiration and love of God through songs, New Psalm Study is the place where you can find inspiration and experience growth. It provides the opportunity for you to improve your skills, experience spiritual transformation and cooperate with other song writers. Your creation will be a tribute to the Lord and your voice will be heard not only in this generations but also in the future. Nobody else is able to write YOUR songs.

In New Psalm Study we aim to support the concept of writing songs for the Polish church. We will support authors. Together, we will learn and work so we can hear new songs of the Polish worship. (It seems like this part is redundant—like you have stated it already)